Here are a few frequently asked questions. Ask if you have other unaddressed concerns.
Contact info: There is contact info on my personal page.
For tech issues Feel free to contact me, or 214.320.2284.

I didn't use all my time. Can I call back with no charge? Sorry. segments are purchased for use per instance. You are charged $25 per 15min segment for that one call whether you use 1 or 15mins.
One call is one call, max 15mins for $25 or max $50 for 30mins. It is a flat fee.

When is the best time to call? I enjoy phone but am not working primarily for phone calls. I am independent which makes me here for better reasons. Fun! Sorry for any inconvenience but when you call your friends they are not always immediately available either. Keep trying.

What methods of payment can I use? Visa/amex/mc debit cards and visa gift cards.

Can we meet in person?
No. Never. This is fantasy talk only. The only fantasy talk limitation is we never 'pretend' we will meet you as that may cause confusion. We can talk about what can happen if we are with you right now.. not ever 'when' we meet. Reality and fantasy 2 different things.

I want to talk about reality not fantasy? I am happy to chat about life's minutia sans fantasy but will not condone or agree to any immoral or illegal activity in this context. No consent given in reality conversations. I believe all citizens should obey the laws of the USA. no exceptions.

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